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Presentation of the European footwear brands from Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Austria, France, Slovenia, Finland, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland, as well as from Australia, Brazil, Israel and the United States.

The event’s schedule is one of the main advantages of the presentation. Only here the shoe store owners can be the first to see the next season’s collections almost a year before the start of the season and make timely orders for their stores.

The uniqueness of the presentation is the fact that European manufacturers bring their collections to the EUROSHOES exhibition before showing them at home - in Europe shoe exhibitions take place much later. 


The event’s core ideology is uniting the European footwear brands under one roof and striving to meet the market changes, which requires early orders and early delivery of the ordered shoes to the Russian buyers.


Euro Shoes Premiere Collection takes place twice a year: at the end of February and the end of August, in the format of a closed showroom only for buyers with a personal invitation.

100% of visitors are specialists from Russia and the CIS.

Additional services of the exhibition include catering, free hotel-exhibition-hotel and metro-exhibition-metro transfer service, and special rates for accommodation in the nearby hotels.

Director of the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection presentation Anastasia Kornilieva notes that the importance of the event for buyers and the attendance are growing every season.

History of the presentation

The first presentation of the European footwear took place in August 2007 in the lobby of one of Moscow’s hotels. Orders made there have allowed the retailers to get earlier deliveries, and European shoe companies to increase their sales at the end of the season. 
The second presentation took place in February 2008 in three Moscow hotels. A large number of orders made there encouraged the participants to unite under one roof.

Since then the Euro Shoes Premiere Collection presentations are regularly held in the exhibition halls in "Sokolniki".

Looking forward to seeing you on 27.08 - 30.08.2018. 
Moscow, Sokolnicheskiy Val, 5th Luchevoi prosek, pavilions 4, 4.1

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