Participant of the exhibition ALMA SPA

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A tradition going back over 60 years, and filled with history, craftsmanship and care and attention to the product. These are the values forming the foundation of the group, ALMA s.p.a. which brings together the professional expertise and knowhow of two historic companies at the forefront of the footwear industry in the Marches region: Manas and Alfiere. Both are part of the same corporate structure, with the main shareholders being the Sagripanti’s families.Creativity, good taste and on-trend designs.

All Manas footwear has been devised for the cosmopolitan, dynamic and confident woman who wants her style to be no-frills and contemporary. The Manas collection it’s made up of models suitable for every occasion. Both for a woman who loves an escape from reality to rediscover the self and one’s own personal privacy, to a woman who want to bring back the authentic side of daily living, a street style that’s all about vintage flavor and romantic settings. Comfortable, practical footwear, with a focus on contemporary styles. Khriò’s distinctive style places the emphasis on truly essential practicality. Every Khriò design is created for the dynamic, versatile woman who likes to be independent without sacrificing her own individuality.

An everyday style with a fashionable touch, for the trendy, free spirited woman. Khriò products meet the needs of every woman. Featuring casual simplicity, they are suitable for wearing on any occasion, all day long. Comfortable, practical footwear that enables you to feel relaxed in all situations; for multitasking and fresh, practical femininity, in line with the latest trends.

Presented brands: MANAS, KHRIO
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