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A Healthy and Comfortable Choice for your baby.

With the start of spring, the warm sun started to show itself. As the flowers are blossoming and the sun is shining, our babies are growing and starting to take their first steps. To ensure our infant’s first steps are comfortable and safe, we started to produce handmade leather moccasins which can be worn throughout the year. Our moccasins are handmade from lambskin and genuine leather which don’t contain any harmful dyes or chemicals. Because we use breathable natural leather, our moccasins and winter booties protect your n-baby’s feet from sweating.

MiniBum has become an official international brand.

Time has passed and seasons have changed. Winter has arrived and now our mini feet are ready for our winter booties. Our winter booties are handmade from genuine lambskin with 100% wool lining. Each pair takes 45 to 60 minutes to produce by hand. Our parents can choose from Munros (socks style bootie), Makalu (shoelace style bootie), Toros (whole style bootie), and Everest (Velcro style bootie).

Our little babies first walked and then started to run and with this one generation grew up with Mini Bum.

Mini Bum became the first choice for conscious parents. With the inspiration, we receive from our babies, we continue to work and produce suitable and comfortable booties and moccasins for their growing feet. Mini Bum is continuing to develop and design new booties and moccasins for our next and future generations.

Our vision is to provide healthy and comfortable leather moccasins and winter booties for growing feet. Each product is aimed to meet the needs for healthy growing feet.

Our mission is to continue manufacturing high quality products which will distinguish us from our brands and continue to grow as an international brand.

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