Participant of the exhibition Nordikas

Country: Spain Phone: (+34) 965 432 255 Fax: (+34) 966 673 015 Website:

Nordikas was born in 1983 focused on the manufacture of household footwear. After a few years and an intense I+D work, Nordikas started introducing fashion at home,creating in time a new product category, where still we are indisputed leader home footwear.

As a result of the consolidation of Nordikas´ leadership position within Spain and the opening of new international markets, in 2001 we opened our new premises in the Elche Business Park (Alicante) where our own production set-up is based.

We are 100% MADE IN SPAIN home shoes.

Nordikas designs continue to surprise every season with genuine comfort for their soft and breathable skins, dyes with natural pigments, 100% virgin wool, special lining that maintain foot warmth, soles non-slip… all in the highest quality standards. In short, all the materials that make our footwear the best place in the world.

For 2018 we have reinforced, above all, our online channel of communication, with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as main networks where to establish new social ties with the consumer.

Presented brands: NORDIKAS
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