Participant of the exhibition Ortopedia / Rocco Rich Ayakkabı

Country: Turkey Phone: +9 0 212 777 71 71 Fax: +9 0 212 777 71 76 Website: Products: Kids shoes, Man shoes, Orthopedic Shoes, Woman shoes

Ortopedia is selling orthopedic children shoes, sandals and boots with high quality and genuine leather.

There are also men and women shoes in Ortopedia inventory, such as diabetic shoes, flight attendant shoes, comfort shoes, etc.

Ortopedia brand was created by Mr. Dinçer Ünal more than 25 years ago and after that founder of Ortopedia, Mr. Dinçer Ünal and owner of the Rocco Rich Shoe Company, Mr. Yusuf Dadaşoğlu start to work together to provide orthopedic shoes for all countries.

Rocco Rich Shoe Company has rights to produce, distribute and sell Ortopedia to all over the world.

Presented brands: Ortopedia
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